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Photo Galleries

I've been a photographer for many years -- first with film cameras, then with digital cameras. Pretty much wherever I go these days I have a camera with me. Usually it's a Nikon dSLR with a couple of lenses. Sometimes it's a pocket point-and-shoot. I'll even resort to using my phone camera as a last resort, rather than miss a good picture.

Over the years I've accumulated an enormous portfolio of pictures. A lot of them are personal memories, of little interest to anyone but me. A lot are throwaways that I should have deleted, but kept because when it comes to photos I'm a packrat. But some are (in my biased opinion) genuinely good pictures of various subjects. This part of my Den is devoted to that last group, the best in my collection.

  • TALES OF WHALES: I go whale-watching several times every summer, almost always with the same whale-watching crew out of Rye Harbor, NH. The whales of New England provide numerous photo opportunities. This gallery contains a few of my best pictures of whales, dolphins, and other sea-life.
  • THINGS WITH WINGS: I've been a birdwatcher since I was a kid -- casually so for many years, then more serious about it. Put a camera in any birder's hands, and you're going to get a lot of bird pictures. This gallery contains some of my favorite bird photos.