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The Creationism-Evolution Debate:
Who and Why?

"It is educationally irresponsible to pretend that an idea that is scientifically worthless deserves scientific discussion."

-- Philip Kitcher, ABUSING SCIENCE, p.174

From the day that Charles Darwin first proposed his theory of evolution, there have been those who opposed it. Some opposed it for religious reasons. Others opposed it for good and sound scientific reasons, and some of their objections were valid at the time. But one by one, those valid-at-the-time objections have fallen to the march of discovery. Today, there is no valid scientific reason to not accept evolutionary theory. There is only religion -- or rather, the peculiar religion-based point of view called creationism.

I first became interested in creationism in 1994, when I started participating on CompuServe's Dinosaurs Forum. There was a creationist there who was so determined, so energetic, so confident in his opposition to evolutionary theory, that I decided to explore his claims and see if they had any substance. I'm still looking for any creationist claims that stand up to scrutiny. My search has led me to accumulate many books about all sides of the creationism-vs-evolution debate.