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Over the years, when I've had the money and the time I've managed a few trips and vacations here and there. Since I'm a photographer, I usually have a camera with me wherever I go. These pages talk about some of the places I've been, complete with photos.

  • In spring 1998, I took a short trip to Philadelphia. To be exact, I was at a big convention for dinosaur-nuts called DinoFest'98. I also got in a trip to the American Museum of Natural History, and thanks to a friend with some good contacts, I even got a look behind the scenes at the AMNH.
  • The first big vacation I ever took was a trip to Scotland in the fall of 1998. To date it's the only time I've ever been out of the US for any length of time. This trip consisted of three days at a Highlander convention in Glasgow, followed by a four-day tour of the Scottish Highlands, focusing on places with a connection to Highlander.
  • In 1999, my big vacation was a trip to the Grand Canyon and other great sites close by. Grand Canyon is one of the sights that every American should see, and the other places I went on this trip are almost as impressive.
  • In 2002, I went to the Science Fiction Worldcon in San Jose, then spent the next five days on a trip north through the Cascades Range, a wonderland of volcanic geology that's fascinating to any geologist, whether professional or amateur.


I've also made a few attempts at writing for publication. I find that explanations of science that a non-scientist can understand tend to be hard to come by, and that's the direction I try to aim my own writing. These are a couple of my published articles:

  • Shortly after I moved to New Hampshire, I heard about a fascinating program taking place just off the NH coast: a project to restore a nesting colony for terns on the Isles of Shoals. In 2005 and again in 2008 I managed to visit the White Island tern colony, and wrote a lengthy article on the subject illustrated with some of my photos from the colony.
  • Way back in 1995, I joined the Dinosaurs Forum on Compuserve, and was immediately knocked off balance by a plethora of terms I'd never heard before. Most of them had to do with taxonomy and how organisms are classified. I looked aorund, but couldn't find a simple article that explained this new taxonomy to me. So I did some studying, then sat down and wrote one.