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Photo Galleries

I've been a photographer for many years -- first with film cameras, then with digital cameras. Pretty much wherever I go these days I have a camera with me. Usually it's a Nikon dSLR with a couple of lenses. Sometimes it's a pocket point-and-shoot. I'll even resort to using my phone camera as a last resort, rather than miss a good picture.

Over the years I've accumulated an enormous portfolio of pictures. A lot of them are personal memories, of little interest to anyone but me. A lot are throwaways that I should have deleted, but kept because digital photos are so easy to store. But some are (in my biased opinion) genuinely good pictures of various subjects. This part of my Den is devoted to that last group, the best in my collection.

  • TALES OF WHALES: I go whale-watching several times every summer, almost always with the same whale-watching crew out of Rye Harbor, NH. The whales of New England provide numerous photo opportunities. This gallery contains a few of my best pictures of whales, dolphins, and other sea-life.
  • THINGS WITH WINGS: I've been a birdwatcher since I was a kid -- casually so for many years, then more serious about it. Put a camera in any birder's hands, and you're going to get a lot of bird pictures. This gallery contains some of my favorite bird photos.
  • AIRCRAFT: Airplanes! They aren't birds, but they do have wings, and I enjoy watching them at air shows and airports. I tend to notice military aircraft more than civilian models, but I have pictures of both.
  • FLOWERS: Flowers are common subjects for photographers because they're pretty and colorful - and they don't move. These are a few of my favorite flower pictures.
  • INSECTS: Some insects can be quite photogenic. Many of these are butterflies - Monarchs are a favorite of mine. Dragonflies can also be eye-catching. Then there's the common praying mantis, a bizarre creature that looks up-close like it could be an extraterrestrial.