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Copyright, Contact Info, and
Site Policies

Every website has a few pesky details that need to be covered -- things like copyright, how to contact the site owner (me), and other "housekeeping" stuff. All of that is covered in the sections below.

Regarding Copyright:

All materials on this website, including text, photographs, and other graphics, are copyright to me, Jonathon Woolf, unless otherwise noted. Where I've used images from outside sources, copyright information is included in the footer of the page the image appears on, and somtimes also in the image caption. If you see an image that you know is copyrighted and I haven't properly attributed it, then please let me know. I'll be happy to either provide credit or remove it. As a photographer and content-creator myself, I am very much opposed to theft of copyrighted material. I don't like it one bit when it happens to me, and I have no intention of doing it to anyone else.

I expressly grant any reader (that's you) permission to reproduce pages and other content for their personal use. I also grant permission to reproduce pages and their contents for educational and nonprofit purposes, provided that proper credit is given to me. I like to know when someone uses something of mine, so I'd appreciate some sort of e-mail, but it's not required.

However, if you wish to reproduce any part of my site for for-profit publication, either in print or in electronic form, then you must obtain specific permission from me beforehand. That permission may or may not include the subject of payment.

In any case, if a page includes material which is covered by somebody else's copyright, such as Corel Gallery images or my photographs of DinoFest '98, then permission to reproduce that material is not mine to give.

Regarding tracking visitors: I do not use 'cookies' or any other method of tracking visitors to my website. As an Amazon.com affiliate, I can see how many people have clicked through my site's links to Amazon.com, which links they used, and what items have been ordered from Amazon, but I have no way of identifying individual visitors or telling who looked at or ordered which book(s).

Regarding links: I don't object to anyone linking to my site, or any particular page on my site, as long as the link is in a reasonable context and doesn't try to malign or defame me or my site. I'd prefer it if you use links instead of mirroring my pages on your site, because I do make revisions from time to time. I'd appreciate it if you tell me when you link to my site, but I don't require it.

Book Links Policy

If you've spent any time looking through my Den, you've probably already noticed that many of the book titles are hyperlinks to Amazon.com. That's because my site is an Amazon affiliate. Those links let you go directly to that book's page at Amazon, get more information about it, and order it if you like. This is the policy I've tried to follow in placing links from my book listings to Amazon.com.

If a book's title is a direct link to Amazon, that means I've personally checked that book at Amazon, and the last time I checked it was in print and available from Amazon, either by normal order or special order, and the link will take you directly to that book's listing at Amazon. You can then order it right away. Please note, however, that the edition linked to isn't necessarily the same as the edition that I have. Many of my books are hardcovers which I bought secondhand. Some of these are now available only in paperback. In these cases, I've linked to the paperback edition. Others are currently available in both hardcover and paperback; here also, I've chosen to link to the paperback edition because it's generally cheaper.

If a book's title is linked and has an asterisk (*) after the title, that means that last time I checked Amazon, the book was listed as "Out of Print." This means Amazon can't get you a new copy, but they can use their used-book search service to try to find you a secondhand copy.

If a book's title is not directly linked at all, it means that either I haven't checked the book yet, or I have checked and as far as I know, the book isn't listed in Amazon's catalog at all. However, their catalog does change frequently, and I can't really keep up. If you like, you can note the title you want, use the link at the bottom of every page to go to Amazon, and use their search function to try to find and order the title.

How to contact me

I always enjoy getting email feedback from visitors to my site. My email address is email goes here.